The Missing Ingredient

Nov 10, 2010

You put together a great recipe but all of a sudden you realize that you’re missing one of the main ingredients. One of the ingredients that can’t be replaced. One of the ingredients that’s is so essential in creating a successful recipe that without it, it’s a flop. When it comes to building muscle, losing fat and becoming healthy the ingredient I so often find missing in people is “consistency”.

In order to be consistent at something you must have a reason why you’re doing it that goes beyond a short term goal: For example; I don’t write this blog every week to gain as many viewers as I can because I would have quit in my first year of writing. I blog because I am able to have a positive impact on people’s lives and that fulfills my life’s purpose. Every once and a while I’m reminded, when someone sends me a nice message of the impact I had on them.

Think of a better reason you NEED to exercise or eat clean that goes far beyond just losing 10lbs. How about for the sake of adding years to your life? Having energy everyday? living by your identity? Seeing your kids or grand kids for an extra 10 years?

Once you have a good enough reason it’s simply a matter of making it a habit (try getting people to hold you accountable for the first 3 months). If you fall off, get back on. If you’re too tired don’t push as hard but still get it done. The point is be consistent and never give up.

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