The omelet buffet is always full

Apr 27, 2009


I was in Mexico last week on an all inclusive resort. Because It's so relaxing my brain always starts to think better. In fact I usually get great ideas when I'm on vacation. Here's one that's business/health related: 

Every time I go to these all inclusive vacations I have to wait in this big line to get an omelet. Isn't that weird? You see, people love omelet's. They know they are healthy but they just don't have time to cook them in the morning.

So here's my idea: Why not start a drive threw omelet express type of restaurant. Hey, maybe that could be the name of it "Omelet Express". People would drive up and have a huge selection of things to put on their omelet. Maybe they use only free range eggs. You would only need a small space in a busy area.

Just another idea to help the world be a healthier place.

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