The Secret Muscle Building Supplement

Mar 12, 2010


Imagine a supplement that helps your body synthesize more protein, prevent muscle catabolism and provides you with energy to push harder at the same time. Well this one supplement makes my top 5 list of supplements for gaining lean muscle and I never perform a workout without it. This supplement is one of the most underrated on the market for building lean muscle mass. It's called BCAA's.

BCAA's (branch chain amino acids) are a combination of 3 amino acids called leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are called branched because their structure branches off in a non linear way unlike the other amino acids. Your muscles are comprised of 1/3 BCAA's and provide such an important role in protein synthesis (a multi step process for building muscle).

When you exercise 15% of your energy is coming from BCAA's being broken down from the muscle and being either 1. Converted to glucose in the liver or 2. Recycled back into the muscle to be used immediately for energy.

Either way your body is steeling valuable hard earned muscle in order to fuel itself. Here's the secret: If you can have BCAA's floating around in your blood stream while you exercise (by supplementing pre-workout and even during) your body will not only use these free floating amino acids for fuel but will also create an environment where your body can overcompensate the use of BCAA's for instant protein synthesis and muscle building.

So if your goal is to build muscle then preventing catabolism and increasing protein synthesis is the only way to go about it and that's why BCAA's are an essential tool in building lean mass.


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