The Septic Focus

Aug 23, 2011

A heart surgeon may look at your heart and tell you to stop eating cholesterol.
A physiotherapist may look at a bad knee and just put a brace on it.
A personal trainer may look at your waist line and tell you do more exercise.

This is the septic focus.

Look too closely at something through a telescope and it’s hard to make out what it is you’re looking at and to notice you may be missing something. Look too far and it get’s blurry and hard to make out the details. Look at mid level and you will see how all systems function together and perhaps notice the real issue stems from another system all together.

The heart surgeon notices the buildup of plaque in the arteries but realizes that it’s not caused by consuming too much cholesterol but by too many carbohydrates. The physiotherapists notices that the knee pain doesn’t originate from a weak knee but from tight hamstrings. The personal trainer realizes that the weight gain is not caused by lack of exercise but primarily by poor nutrition.

This septic focus can be quite serious when we are talking about people’s lives and though prevalent in the health world it’s definitely not exclusive to it.

It troubles me to see it in the school system when children may be extremely talented in the Arts yet not taken seriously because they are not talented in the more “important” subjects like math or sciences. They focus on certain parts of the system while neglecting the system as a whole.

A system never works in isolation so whether you have high cholesterol, a bad knee, weight to lose there is no linear solution and it takes a mid level look at the whole system to start to make changes.

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