The Tension Dilemma

Aug 02, 2011

Understanding and managing the tension dilemma will be a key factor in whether or not you will attain your ultimate goal. Here is how it works:

As we move closer towards our desired goal we create more tension towards believing we can’t accomplish it. This is where the little voice in our head tries to convince us of a rational reason why we can’t do it.

This is also where outside influences may start to sound very convincing. Comments’ like: “That’s not worth it” or “what you’re doing is impossible” or “you’re just not ___(insert word)___ enough to do something like that” start to sound much more believable than they used to.

As the tension increases our natural tendency is to start moving backwards towards less tension.

The same holds true when moving backwards. The further we move back past our comfort zone – the easier it becomes to want to move forward.

By looking at the tension dilemma you can see why we tend to fluctuate from almost success to almost failure and that we are naturally forced to oscillate and end up in mediocre land when relying on our own natural tendencies to rule us.

It’s then clear that in order to reach what we truly desire, we must not simply choose to “go with the flow” of our own instincts but rather create a structure that when tension increases, we will have the correct actions set in place and the right influences around us to help us reach our desired goal.

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