“The Times They Are a-Changin”

Sep 01, 2011

Isn’t it amazing? The internet has done so much for our health and wellness. It’s allowed us to dive deep into the research and make sure that the foods we are promoted or the drugs we are prescribed are optimal for our health. We can now look at the studies directly from our browsers, we can learn who funded the study, how many people were involved and basically conclude whether or not the study was valid.

Before the internet, we just had to trust that the government, the pharmaceutical companies and health industry had OUR best interests in mind.

Like any leadership, it takes major “guts” to be the first to stand up and go against the grain because you are bound to be severely ridiculed. Take Dr. Robert Atkins; To this day, when I say his name people give me a bad look. But with one leader may come a second and a third and then next thing you know you have a whole bunch of experts talking about the truth.

Here is one of them that has put together a great presentation:

PS: Check out this post I wrote a few years ago about proper indicators of heart disease.

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