Top 10 Diet & Exercise Book Recommendations

Aug 03, 2013


I probably get asked once a day for book recommendations so I’ve decided to compile a “Top Ten” lists up to 2012 for you. I have to say It was very hard to choose 10 books as there are so many good one’s out there.But these had the most impact.

Top 10 Exercise

  1. Supertraining
  2. Muscle testing and function
  3. Facts and fallacies of fitness
  4. Periodization
  5. Starting strength
  6. Poliquin principals
  7. Serious Strength Training
  8. Science and practice of strength training
  9. Movement that matters
  10. Sport specific books
Top 10 Nutrition/Diet books
  1. Good calories bad calories
  2. Living the low carb life
  3. The paleo diet
  4. Protein power
  5. Primal blueprint
  6. Eat fat, lose fat
  7. Schwarzbein principle 2
  8. Beyond Pritikin
  9. Ultrametabolism
  10. Why we get fat

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