Top 3 Shoulder Exercises

Feb 23, 2010


Shoulders can do a lot for the appearance of a symmetrical body, it helps make your  waist line look smaller and gives you an athletic look.

Here are the top 3 exercises for each major muscle of the shoulder. By top I mean the exercises that have shown to produce the highest amount of activation according to Bret Contreras EMG experiments. Always evaluate the risk VS reward for any exercise before you decide to perform them. For example; the behind the head press for someone with a bad shoulder can cause severe damage and would not be worth adding in your workout. Here are the exercises:


  1. BB shrugs
  2. Cable lateral raises
  3. Seated Behind the head press

Front Deltoid

  1. Seated Behind the head press
  2. Seated barbell shoulder press
  3. Incline barbell bench press

Side Deltoid

  1. Rubber band face pulls
  2. Side dumbell lateral raises
  3. Seated Behind the head press

Rear Deltoid

  1. Band face pull
  2. Db bent over lateral raise
  3. Cable scarecrow

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