Top 5 Physiques In The UFC

Feb 19, 2010

I with much help from my friend Chris collected what we believe are the best physiques in the UFC. That means, the right amount of muscle mass, symmetry, look, and leanness. We looked at it like a bodybuilding event and didn't take any of there winnings in the UFC under consideration (that was hard).

Here are the top 5 winners.

5th place – Roger Huerta


Roger has great symmetry, from leg development to a good V tapper back
and he's always lean. The reason he's in fifth and not first is because
he could use a little more muscle mass everywhere.

4th place – George St-Pierre


George has great symmetry especially with the fact that he has very
wide clavicle bones making his shoulders very wide but which also makes
it hard to pack muscle on that chest. I give him the most potential
award. He would need a little more muscle mass on the chest and that
would probably throw him in first. Great development of the legs and is
always lean.

3rd place – Sean Sherk


Sean is a very lean guy but most of all he gains major points on his
muscle mass he's been able to build. Getting lean is not that hard,
gaining muscle takes years of hard work. The only reason I place Sean
in third is his waist is a little to bulky and takes away from the V
tapper someone like George St Pierre would have.

2nd place – Thiago Alves


Thiago has amazing muscle mass, great symmetry and is lean. The reason
Thiago is not in first is simply because he has a big boned frame that
doesn't look as aesthetic as our first place winner. You can tell that
Thiago's frame is very big by looking at his head. Great physique but
doesn't have the muscle belly that Phil Baroni is able to show.

1st place – Phil Baroni

Phil baroni

Phil Baroni could step on a bodybuilding stage and do very well. He's
got complete balance showing great muscle mass for his frame, very lean
and great symmetry from head to toe. Though he may not be the best
fighter, he win's the best physique award.

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