What A Great Personal Trainer Does

Dec 28, 2010

  1. They help you refine what success really means to to you.
    Some people come to see us and say they want to lose 10lbs and run their first marathon. These may seem like good goals at first glance but what is the big picture here. It’s like putting together a puzzle. You don’t just start by trying to connect random pieces together, you start by looking at the picture on the box to give yourself an idea of what the end result looks like and work from that image. If the person simply would like to lower body fat to look good, feel good and be healthy the goal and the measure to get to that goal need to be in line. So back to the example I stated above, losing 10lbs may sound like a good goal but losing 10lbs of muscle instead of  fat doesn’t make you look good, feel good or be healthy. A better goal may be to lose a certain percentage of body fat, build a certain amount of muscle and create new nutritional habits.
  2. They show you the best road to get to your goal
    There are many roads you can take to get to the city but some roads are rough, some have traffic lights (that keep you waiting), some are just plain closed. A good personal trainer acts as a driver that will show you the proven roads, it will help you avoid roads that seem right on paper but leave you stranded, they will know where the dead ends are and they will show you the road taken most often with success that will work specifically for your situation.
  3. They tell you what you need to stop doing
    The fitness industry is saturated with an overwhelming amount of gimmicks, gadgets and conflicting information. In 5 minutes I could find a study proving one thing right and another study proving it wrong. I like to look at ourselves as DJ’s that have hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from but with our years of exposure are able to play the right tunes for the right crowd. After far more than ten thousand hours of training it get’s pretty easy to decipher the good information from the bad but it’s not always the case with people that do this on the side as a hobby. Some people walk in the door already doing many things that may not be doing anything or even making things worse. A good trainer will care for your time and effort and will be upfront in telling you what to stop doing in order to move forward
  4. They hold you accountable for your actions
    Everyone, no matter how in shape can slip and fall. I’ve seen the most dedicated people lose their dedication for weeks and even months. Psychologist have now found that commitment is exhaustive, so if you have many other commitments in your life it makes the journey harder. A good personal trainer will keep you on track during those “down” moments and they will help bring you to another level on the “ups”. They will set short term goals, give you tricks and tactics to incorporate into other aspects of your life to make sure that no matter what’s going on in your life you will beat all distractions and reach your goal.

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