What is it to you?

Dec 27, 2010

Courage is the judgment that your “want” is more important than your “fear”

I used to be scared of people because they had more education than me, more money, contacts, influence, credentials, ads in the paper, TV exposure and I didn’t have all these things.

But the judgment of providing for my family, making a difference, securing my future, helping people’s dreams come true was more important than my feeling of inferiority.

Well the same hold true in achieving your health and fitness goals.

So my question is this; what is it for you?

What is it for you that will make you stand up and face the challenges?
What is it for you that will not make you be intimidated and say “I can do this”
What is it for you that will raise the bar on yourself and say “I got more in me”
What is it for you that when you’re on the brink of giving up and all you can feel is defeat
What is it for you when nothing seems to work and you get nudged in the wrong direction
What is it to you when you work so hard and you get on the scale and your weight went up 5lbs

What is it that will give you the strength and the courage to get up and take action every day? The day you figure that out is the day you never look back.

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