What Money Can’t Buy

Jun 16, 2011

I’m amazed at how generous most people in business are when it comes to supporting causes like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. I was just at an event the other night and business owners and professionals were bidding $20 000 on auction items to support the heart institute (for good reason).  But I see these same people that may donate $20 000 not willing to take care of their own health.

Does that not seem weird to you? It does to me.

Let me break it down

The reason there not getting in shape obviously has nothing to do with money yet they are willing to donate to a cause that saves their life in the end (hopefully).

If we came out with a pill that were to cure cancer, diabetes and heart disease people like this would pay any amount of money to get it.

So if they see the importance and it has nothing to do with money than why are they not doing anything to help their own health?

Lazy or scared of hard work? Not likely.

Business owners, professionals are some of the hardest working people I know. They start their business knowing that the statistics of succeeding are working against them and they take on the challenge anyways. They are willing to work long hours if it means more results come from it.

So if they see the importance and it’s not about the money or the fear of hard work, what is it?

No Time?

To me the time excuse is a cop out, it’s just a lack of priorities or organization. All you need is 20 minutes of exercise a day that everyone can find by modifying useless habits like useless meetings, non productive work, reading up on the news, having a coffee brake, watching TV at night. You can also overlap certain activities to make sure you’re not losing out on the things that matter to you. What’s funny is when people start to exercise they realize how the time excuse was a cop out.

So that leaves me with one answer:

The desire to CHANGE their current lifestyle doesn’t SEEM worth the benefits they will receive.

The problem is people with this mentality (often subconscious) only change with these 2 situations:

  1. They wait to hit rock bottom to make a change. (Not a good idea)
  2. They make a small change as thought to effect as little as possible their lifestyle and too small as to see significant benefits. (Not good either)

The solution:

Get someone that works with people like you to show you how you can modify your lifestyle in ways that you get the biggest bang for your buck. I don’t say this as a sale pitch for my personal trainers, I say this because everyone is different and it’s really about getting to know the person and understanding their lifestyle and what modifications will have the greatest impact.

A few good strategies may be to decrease carbohydrate intake throughout work days and keep 1 cheat meal for functions and one cheat day for the weekend. Another may be to schedule your training at a regular time every day and tell people you’re in a meeting. Maybe it’s to create a competition with a friend or co worker to try to get to a certain goal.

What ever the strategy is, in the end, you will realize that the benefits far outweigh THE RIGHT changes you make.

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