What’s Eating You?

Nov 18, 2010

From an early age my father did a great job of making sure I didn’t hang around the wrong people. I remember a particular friend that was much older than me. He was a great skateboarder, had girls all around him all the time. I thought he was the coolest guy.

The day my dad saw me hanging around him, he told me “Luc, I know it doesn’t seem this way to you but I’m telling you that guy is a loser, he’s going nowhere in life. Don’t hang around that guy because he will bring you down” As much as I was mad and thought that was stupid, I stopped hanging around him and now I realize what an important move that was.

Your relationships are a vital component to your success. Sometimes the problem isn’t what your eating but what’s eating you.

Are your relationships nourishing or toxic?

Nourishing relationships build you up, they bring the best out of you, they challenge you, encourages you, hold you accountable, keep you focused.

Toxic relationships bring you down, they hold you back, they distract you, they stop you from reaching your full potential.

And don’t think for a minute that you can change others because as you know changing yourself is hard enough.

It takes a lot of energy to reach your goal and you need a support group. You can run faster with 100 motivated people than one person holding on to your neck.

Start asking yourself, what is this relationship doing to me?

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