What’s in your protein powder?

Feb 05, 2010

So many of the brands out there are full of additives, chemicals and unnecessary fats/carbs. Take a good look at the ingredients in your protein powder. There shouldn't be a long list of things, nor should there be things that you can't even understand what they are.

And what is your whey sweetened with? Most brands use a chemical, either splenda or aspartame. Personally I wouldn't touch either of those, I only use Stevia in my protein powder.

Another thing to take a look at is the concentration of protein. Some brand try to fool you with saying they give you 45 grams of protein per serving, but a serving is 2 giant scoops and also has a lot of grams of fats/carbs in there as well.

Do the math – a regular scoop contains 30 grams of powder. In a perfect world there would be 30 grams of protein in there, but that just doesn't happen. Something that gives you 90% or higher is very good – so 27 grams per 30 gram scoop is great.

Take a look at what you are drinking closely, a protein shake is supposed to be a healthy drink/snack.

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