What’s the Biological Value of Your Protein Source?

Feb 09, 2010


You may have heard the term “bioavailability” when talking about protein sources before, but maybe you weren’t quite sure what it means. 

The term bioavailablity refers to the “usefulness” of a protein or protein supplement. 

Not all protein sources are created equal. The egg used to be thought of as the best source of protein and was therefore given a value of 100. Then whey concentrate came along and it scored 104 against eggs. Milk has a value of 91 (yet is almost always denatured protein since it is pasteurized) and soy is only given a value of 74. Whey isolate has a value of 156!

Isolate means the whey is 90% or higher made up of protein, whereas a concentrate is anywhere usually from 70-80%

Some other values are; chicken breast – 79, lean beef – 80, tuna – 83 and red kidney beans/lentils – 50.

Many foods that contain protein aren’t even given a value since they are incomplete proteins.

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