Why a Metabolic Circuit Will Burn More Fat

May 10, 2012

What does metabolic training mean? Your “metabolism” is the process through which your body absorbs and uses the foods you consume. If you have a fast metabolism, you might be able to eat more than others without gaining weight, and if you have a relatively slow metabolism you are likely to gain weight easily.

The great thing is that any metabolism can begin to be controlled through a well-chosen diet and through proper exercise. This means that metabolic training is a series of exercises performed quickly and with many repetitions in order to complete the process in less than 30 minutes. By doing so, the individual is intending to boost the heart rate, growth hormone and metabolism.

The trick with metabolic circuits is to use an array of exercises that target the LARGER muscle groups in different areas of the body in order to move blood concentration around, such as the lower body, abdominals, and back or shoulder muscles, you will produce a lot of growth hormone with this tactic that will help you burn fat and gain muscle. This beats any cardiovascular work because your metabolism will continue to burn calories long after the routine is over.

When you are able to increase your endurance, it also means that you are succeeding at increasing the lactate threshold. Any time you exercise, your muscles create lactic acid. The lactate threshold is the point when the body is creating so much lactic acid that the muscles are unable to burn it off. A metabolic circuit will help someone identify their current threshold (usually because they just cannot continue to workout at the current pace), and allow them to find out how to exercise in a way that is beneficial.

Though a fast-paced metabolic circuit may be a bit too intense for a lot of people, you will progress and be able to become much more efficient at burning calories.

We cannot emphasize enough that you are going to have to aim to identify a good pace for your circuit.  However, you are also going to have to be consistently attentive to the effects of things like fatigue or lactic acid. These are the things that lead to a crash, which ends a workout. It will take only a very short period of time for anyone to identify these things, and they can then begin using the circuits to enhance metabolism and lose weight.

Here is an advanced sample workout

A1)Squats410303010 sec
A2)Dips410303010 sec
A3)Deadlift410303010 sec
A4)Chin up41030302 min


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