Why a Personalized Solution is Important Part 2

Dec 22, 2011

Are you built like everyone else?

Then why would you train like everyone else?

In part 1 I went over why goals and obstacles get in the way of optimal results but now I want to show you the importance as it relates to anatomical differences.

All of us are built differently and some exercises are just not meant for you. On the surface, some of these differences in people’s physiques are obvious to you. Look around and you will see people with long legs and a small torso or short legs and a long torso. Maybe you will notice some people with different postures like a rounded upper back, or a deep arch in the lower back. You may have seen people that walk with their toes pointing out or in, their head forward, their arms rounded forward exposing the back of their hands.

All these things are imbalances in the way that person is built and simply observational signs that there is a weakness somewhere. They go far deeper when we actually start testing individual muscles and expose weaknesses on the verge of getting injured.

These weaknesses can be caused by lifestyle habits like the way you lean to one side when you’re standing still waiting for someone or your occupation that forces you to sit down at a computer all day or a sport you may have played when you were younger. All these imbalances that we find are signs that some exercises must be modified accordingly to each individual for optimal results and injury prevention.

For example; Someone with Kyphosis (Rounding of the upper back) should avoid pullups because it puts the shoulder in a vulnerable position when the muscle is stretched. They may not feel it at first and may even start by feeling the pain in the elbow or the wrist but eventually it works it’s way up the chain. This is just one example of many different situations.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear of people who jumped into a group exercise program only to find themselves with an injured lower back, a twisted ankle, a sore knee or a sore shoulder leaving them discouraged and unable to reach their goals. Like fitting a square peg into a round hole there will be repercussions to making it fit.

The reality is that everyone is different and the workout should work around you not the other way around. Choose proper exercises for your individual physique and know what exercises you should avoid.

The trick to your long term success with exercise (like in life) lies in knowing yourself. Go get an assessment from a qualified personal trainer, it will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

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