Why You Should Refrigerate Your Fats

Aug 18, 2010


Damaged fats become free radicals and free radicals cause damage to our bodies increase the chance of many diseases and pre-age us. One way fats can get damaged is by oxidation through exposure to air. The oxygen in the air binds to the carbon atoms where the hydrogen atom is missing and steels an electron from the fat molecule. The fat that is now missing an electron is damaged or "oxidized".

Oxidation can be seen as rancid fat. When oil turns brown or even when butter turns dark yellow they are rancid. Rancid fats should never be eaten. Oxidation happens more easily to fats that have been removed from it's natural source (e.g., Corn). That's because fats that are found in their natural source also have antioxidants like vitamin E and lecithin both of which are removed or destroyed during the refining process. Oxidation occurs easier at higher temperatures. All fats should be refrigerated to avoid oxidation. 


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