Wii Fit $20

Dec 21, 2009


Sorry to mislead you, let me explain:

You know the people that go around dating night after night in search of the right person for them, yet when they find “the one” they are too scared of commitment to make the move? Well the same is true when we look at exercise programs and products on the market.

No one likes commitment yet commitment is the answer to the results. As a business owner I’m often suggested by the industry not to advertise commitment because it would scare people away.  The rule is to promote the lowest commitment available to get more people in the door. The problem is that no commitment equals no result and in essence it’s false advertising and not part of our  values. Goodlife claims $0 sign up fee, boot camps create a 21 day program to show no commitment. The truth is in order to succeed you need to commit to putting in the work, there is no magic pill just consistency of exercise and proper nutrition as a lifestyle.

The Wii fit is a pure example of the effect of no commitment, it’s easy to buy yet it’s hard to play after a few weeks. In my experience I’ve seen so many people trying many solutions yet the best solution is never the NO commitment solution.

Though we may be the more expensive option and we may not have 50 new customers storming our door every week but at least we feel good knowing that what you see is actually what you get.

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