Franky Helps Ottawa – Mission #1

Jul 14, 2010


Here`s what I decided to do; I decided to overlap what I care about. I obviously care about my business but I also care about making a difference and I`ve been looking for ways to overlap the two. (as you may have seen with all our charity efforts we`ve been involved in). So with the creative help of my brother Kyle I've figured it out. All summer, once a week our mascot Franky Freeform (The friendliest dog around) is going to be doing something to help out the community here in Ottawa. 

Today at noon is the start of our movement. 

Mission #1:Franky will be walking around putting money in the parking meters in the market downtown helping people avoid tickets. It's small but it helps. (Click here to look at the short video)

Every week will be a different initiative. So stay tuned. (Oh, and if you have ideas in how Franky can help out, feel free to private message me on Facebook.)


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