You Reap What You Sow

May 08, 2009

This is an ancient Biblical principle that is still relevant today. Let's look at it from a health or fitness perspective. You get results based on how much effort you put in.

Example: I am a Chiropractor, and everyday I give people recommendations for care, posture exercises, and much more to help them on their road to maximized health. The problem arises when there is a disconnect between knowing what you are supposed to do and actually doing it. So if a person didn't do their corrective exercises, they probably shouldn't be too surprised if their posture doesn't get that much better.

The same principle applies at the gym. A person can't look to the trainer and wonder why they're not losing weight if they haven't changed their diet at home. You reap what you sow.

This spring, let's sow seeds of great stewardship and maximized health. Make a list of the goals you would like to achieve in your health and fitness, and then create another list of action steps that will move you toward those goals. You'll be reaping the benefits by the time summer arrives!

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