Your Simple Guide to Preventing Injury

Jun 28, 2011

I can’t tell you how many assessments I’ve performed over the years that result in the same common muscle weaknesses. By simply adding the four exercises below into your routine you will greatly reduce your chances of getting an injury or maybe it will even help rehab injuries you currently have. Here they are:


Exercise: Side lying leg raise

Primary muscle: Gluteus medius

Goal: Work your way up to doing 2 sets of 50 reps with 5lbs ankle weights


Exercise: Side lying external rotation

Primary muscle: Infraspinatus (rotator cuff)

Goal: Work your way up to doing 2 sets of 50 reps with a 5lbs weight

Upper back and neck

Exercise: Y raise

Primary muscle: low fibers of the trapezius

Goal: Work your way up to doing 2 sets of 50 reps with a 5lbs bar

Lower back

Exercise: Plank

Primary muscle: Core (Abdominal area, lower back area)

Goal: Work your way up to holding this position for 2 sets of 2 minutes

On a side note: I wanted to let you know that the reason I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual is that I’m putting a lot more thought into what I write as oppose to just giving a bunch of information. Quality over quantity is just more my style. That means I may go many days without having a post since it usually takes me a few days to reflect about the subject all together. Having said that; the best way to stay in touch with my scattered writing schedule is to subscribe by email (in the right hand corner of my blog), that way it’s sent directly to your inbox.

Anyways, thanks for reading, liking and sharing my ideas.

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